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Manager of Damage Prevention

Job Details

Colorado 811 - Golden, CO
Fully Remote
Full Time
4 Year Degree
Road Warrior



  • Provide goal and strategy recommendations for Damage Prevention Department
  • Establish and oversee stakeholder outreach goals for each territory
  • Track and provide cadence reports on department outreach efforts and outcomes
  • Develop innovative outreach programs with stakeholders
  • Promote damage prevention awareness and Colorado 811’s mission and services to stakeholders and the public to include but not limited to:
    • Damage Prevention best practices
    • Colorado One Call Law
    • Colorado 811 Operating Procedures and Excavator Handbook
    • Use of Colorado 811 services and web-based platforms
  • Coordinate stakeholder outreach for industry events such as expos, trade shows, and conferences
  • Assist stakeholders with coordinating notifications on large projects
  • Regularly attend Damage Prevention Councils and Joint Underground Utility Coordinating meetings
  • Collaborate on marketing campaigns and surveys
  • Collaborate with Contact Center and Member Relations departments to support stakeholder initiatives
  • Support Colorado 811 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program
  • Submit and approve departmental expense reports and invoices
  • Provide direct supervision and periodic review of Damage Prevention Department personnel
  • Oversee training of Damage Prevention Department personnel
  • Responsible for addressing all forms of time-off for department personnel and ensuring timecards are prepped for payroll
  • Submit other reports as required by ED and other departments
  • Perform other duties as assigned by ED
  • Uphold the Colorado 811 Mission Statement and Quality statement



  • Proficient in Colorado One-Call legislation
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively lead teams, groups of peers and individuals in small group settings and larger presentation situations
  • Excellent, above average, customer service technique, map reading skills & geographical knowledge of Colorado
  • Proficient and professional verbal communication and grammar skills
  • Ability to use digital team collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to find successes in an independent work environment
  • Ability to create and maintain business appropriate relationships with personnel from all levels of the organization and industry stakeholders
  • Ability to create and utilize proven efficiency practices
  • Ability to think and appropriately respond to emergency or stressful situations
  • Proficient keyboarding and mouse skills
  • Strong knowledge in use of current technological resources
  • Strong knowledge and application of current management philosophies and practices
  • Dependable and punctual
  • Exceptional time management skills
  • Ability to sit or stand while performing job duties with minimum unavailable time
  • Ability to adhere to all company policies and procedures


Ten or more years of experience in related fields including utilities, utility locating, excavation, and damage prevention; public relations experience a plus


Four-year degree in public relations, business, or engineering field or equivalent experience required


  • Field remote position
  • Frequent local travel throughout state and occasional overnight stays
  • Occasional after hour and weekend travel, event participation and on demand communications
  • Company vehicle supplied for work related use only
  • Follow current dress code policy with expectation of more business appropriate attire and self-presentation beyond basic guidelines


Normal business hours with occasional after hour and weekend travel, event participation and on demand communications

COMPENSATION: Salary; exempt; annual cost of living increase, with raises and bonuses based on both defined expectations and observed performance. Contingent upon approved annual operating budget


$78,704.00 - $98,379.00